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Our Vision is to be a winner in the field of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY by providing the highest quality of IT & Communication Products, Solutions & Services to its customers worldwide. We are the Company of the Multidimensional & Multiproduct and supplies top-line products from World leaders and backs them up with total technical support right from the source. Ensuring the highest standards of quality and realiability at every step ahead. The Trivedi Group deals mainly with the Computer Hardware & Software, Electronics & communication Products, Air Conditioners & Refrigerators, Power Distribution Systems, real estate, Insurance, Health care & Beauty products.

Our company is Renowned for its technological excellence and respected for its professionalism. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality of products and services which leads us to win the customers like giant Corporate sectors, World's Largest Refining companies, Central and state Government & Semi-Government Departments, Defense organisations, Multinationals, Aviation, Shipping & Logistics, World Class infrastructure & construction companies, Hotel & Tourism Industries, Banking and Financial institutions, Private sectors, SOHO and many more other types of business classes and end users. We maintain the best value in PC market today by integrating the highest quality products within the most affordable price. Our endeavor is to adhere to the customer satisfaction and customer demands. We strive to bridge these two factors with various programs to enhance the customer awareness in our own unique way with absolutely no compromise on the quality aspect. We maintain transparency, integrity and consistency with our customers, suppliers and associates vendor with equitable benefits to all concerned. We respect the human; in the customer, supplier or associate.

We believe that competition today is not between products but business models.